Working for The Daily Texan: 10/10 would recommend

Rachel Lew

I stumbled into The Daily Texan office last semester and decided to write a tryout story on a whim. I was met with a whirlwind of activity, which I soon learned is just a typical night in the office. I found the hustle and bustle and the sea of unfamiliar faces intimidating. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t quite like my first impression during my first few visits to the office, but I decided to complete the tryout process because I knew I would regret not seeing it through. Looking back, I’m so glad I stayed.

If you were to ask me why I joined The Daily Texan, I probably would have stuttered and quickly said something along the lines of, “Well, I like writing. I want to make friends and just try something new.” I don’t know exactly what I was searching for when I wandered into The Daily Texan basement, but what I found was a place where I felt acknowledged and capable and a team that I could learn from and grow with.

There have been many times I didn’t feel like going to work after a long day, but I can confidently say that I have always left the office in brighter spirits than when I came. There were days when multiple stories did not work out, and the stress and disappointment were disheartening. All of the negatives, however, paled in comparison to the satisfaction of seeing everyone’s unwavering dedication to producing a paper we could be proud of.

I am thankful to The Daily Texan for providing me with the opportunity to grow in my writing and editing skills, but I am even more thankful that it introduced me to some of the best people I’ve met in college. The fall 2015 news department team is incredibly diverse, and it has been a privilege to spend so much time with them. I will never forget all the Deep and Meaningful conversations and post-work hangouts. Josh, thank you for all the Waffle Winesdays. Anthony, your effortlessly cool and calming demeanor always makes me feel better. Caleb, I’ll never meet anyone with a greater love for Favor delivery guys. Sameer, thanks for giving me a ride home every night. Matthew, your tireless work ethic, enthusiasm and ability to push past the body’s limits of fatigue will always amaze (and scare) me a bit. Sam, thanks for keeping our morale high and making this team feel like a family. All of you in the news department have been nothing but understanding, and each of you has made my time here far more than adequate. #newsnewsnews