UT recognizes professors’ excellence

Catherine Marfin

Early this January, recipients of this year’s President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award were announced.

“President Fenves believes that it’s very important to recognize the effort put forth by the university’s teachers,”  University spokesperson Gary Susswein said. “There is nothing more fundamental than teaching students and doing it well, and this recognition sends a message to this campus that this is something we truly value.”

For this year’s award, recipients include English professor Phillip Barrish, civil and architectural engineering associate professor Amit Bhasin, psychology lecturer Kirsten Bradbury, mathematics lecturer Amanda Hager, biology senior lecturer Anita Latham, computer science professor Calvin Lin, communication studies associate professor Keri Stephens and chemistry professor David Vandenbout.

Funded by annual contributions made by a group of donors known as the President’s Associates, The President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award has recognized outstanding educators since 1980.

Presented at the occasion of the President's State of the University Address in September, the President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award recognizes educational innovators from a multitude of disciplines at the University. When the award is formally presented this September, each recipient will receive a $5,000 award.