Two Albums: Two rappers wax poetic

Chris Duncan

Young Sinatra — Logic

Robert Bryson Hall II grew up in a rough neighborhood without a father and struggled to apply himself in school, eventually dropping out in 10th grade because of poor academic performance.

Fortunately for Hall, his mentor, Solomon Taylor, guided him toward music, helping Hall spawn a moderately successful Internet rap career under the name Logic. Young Sinatra, his second mixtape under the Logic name, takes from several East Coast styles — mainly Jay Z and Wu-Tang Clan — combining serious lyrics with pop-oriented production.

Since the release of Young Sinatra, Logic has honed his talent, signed to a label and found success with two studio albums, including his most recent, The Incredible True Story, which sold over 140,000 copies in its
first week.

Tracks to listen to: “All I Do,” “Let Me Go,” “As I Am”


10 Day — Chance the Rapper

Chancelor Bennett, known by his pseudonym Chance the Rapper, started recording his first solo project, 10 Day, following a 10-day suspension from high school for marijuana possession.

Bennett didn’t release the tape after the suspension. It wasn’t until a full year later, in 2012, that 10 Day founds its way to the Internet. The mixtape took off locally for its sample-heavy and eclectic sound, drawing comparisons to early Kanye West and Outkast for its up-beat production style.

The quick success of 10 Day built connections for Bennett, leading to his first mainstream release, 2013’s Acid Rap.

Tracks to listen to: “14,400 Minutes,” “Family,” “Prom Night”