Dimitroff-Guadiana: Running for campus change

Jesse Guadiana

Editor’s Note: In this week’s Forum, the candidates for Executive Alliance were invited to submit 300-word candidate columns. Only light typographical and grammatical changes were made.

I believe in starting tough conversations, that’s why I have dedicated my time on the 40 Acres to being a leader in the Multicultural Engagement Center. That’s why I joined Kallen Dimitroff as part of an executive alliance for Student Government president and vice president. That’s why we will not shy away from discussions that move our university forward.

It is clear that the University is failing a large portion of our student body. Our conversation at a town hall with Riverside residents Tuesday showed us they often don’t feel safe, integrated or empowered. For instance, a student in Riverside without a car may find it difficult to participate in SG, as meetings often conclude after bus services end.

Failures like these are why we carefully created our platform with diverse student input. We are advocating for a first-generation camp, an idea that arose from personal experiences and was solidified after speaking to organizations that are heavily represented by these trailblazing students. We also plan to work with City Council to incentivize responsible leasing practices, so that students aren’t continually pushed farther away from campus because of predatory rent increases. These platform points will help to solve these pervasive problems voiced by underrepresented students, as well as every Longhorn.

On March 2 and 3, you have the opportunity to choose your next student body president and vice president. Know that we are running to work for students who do not believe they have a voice in our Student Government. Our hope is that everyone on campus will come to see SG for what it can be — a place for progress and advocacy.

We want our campaign to go year-round. You may notice that candidates always come to student organizations when they need your vote, but where will they be when you need them?

Guadiana is a Latin American studies and government senior from Irving. He is running with Kallen Dimitroff for executive alliance. Follow the campaign on Twitter @KallenJesse2016.