In this SG election, vote for the alternative choice

Editor’s Note: In this week’s Forum, the candidates for Executive Alliance were invited to submit 300-word candidate columns. Only light typographical and grammatical changes were made.

Every Student Government election cycle the same pattern repeats: debate over who has the most SG experience, candidates pandering to voter bases they never talked to in the past and infeasible platforms that lack detail. This year, you have a choice in choosing an executive alliance that is the real alternative in this race. This March 2 and 3 at, vote for Daniel James Chapman and Austin James Robinson for SG executive alliance.

Who are we? We’re just two ordinary guys who decided to enter this race, not only because our moms made us, but because we want to serve this school and amplify the voices of students who have been alienated by SG.

We are the most serious candidates running in this race, and our platform reflects that. We have four main issues we want to address: preventing sexual assault, strengthening mental health resources on campus, making your college experience more affordable and creating real inclusivity at UT while acknowledging the school’s racist legacy. You can visit our website at if you want to find out more about our platform. Yes, there is indeed a .school domain name.

We won’t lie, Austin and I won’t be able to accomplish our entire platform all on our own. That’s where you, the student body, come in! Don’t just vote in this election, but get involved in campus-wide and local political activism, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, Libertarian or Socialist, Monarchist or crypto-anarchist. Vote for Daniel James Chapman and Austin James Robinson, because we give a shit!

Chapman is an economics and mathematics senior from Katy. He is a candidate for student body president. Robinson is an English, UTeach and youth and community studies junior from the geographical center of Texas, Brownwood. He is a candidate for student body vice president. Follow the campaign on Twitter @WeGiveAShit2016.