Share your story, be the foundation of future change at UT

Binna Kim and Kevin Helgren

Editor’s Note: In this week’s Forum, the candidates for Executive Alliance were invited to submit 300-word candidate columns. Only light typographical and grammatical changes were made.

Our names are Kevin Helgren and Binna Kim, and we’re running to be your next student body president and vice president. Our campaign is centered around the power of storytelling. We, as students, come from various backgrounds and from different walks of life, but we all have one very simple thing in common: a story.

Your stories serve as the foundation upon which our platform is built. In listening to the stories students have already shared, we’ve decided to focus on five key issues. First, we promise to actively combat sexual assault on campus and in the surrounding area. One in five women have been sexually assaulted during their time here — it’s time to face the facts. Next, we want to highlight the importance of belonging. There are so many ways to make a big campus feel intimate — it’s time to build a home. Third, we hope to create greater access to healthier lifestyles. A healthy student is a good student, so let’s bring more options for wellness to the table — it’s time to commit to health. Next, we want to foster an inclusive campus climate for all students. Regardless of race, religion, class or creed, your identity deserves inclusion — it’s time to represent our reality. Lastly, we pledge to fuel conversations about mental health. As students, we struggle with mental health a lot more than we talk about it, but we’re not alone. We want to eliminate the stigma — it’s time to normalize what’s normal. For more information on the tangible solutions we hope to implement, visit our website at

We believe that every story can and should spark positive change on our campus. This is more than a campaign for two candidates — this is a movement for thousands of students. Join our movement by sharing your story.   

Helgren is a psychology and neuroscience senior from Austin. He is a candidate for student body president. Kim is a marketing junior from Plano. She is a candidate for student body vice president. Follow the Kevin Helgren-Binna Kim campaign on Twitter @KevinBinna_2016.