Turn Up Texas: Engaging students from DKR to the SAC

Delisa Shannon and Jonathan Dror

Editor’s Note: In this week’s Forum, the candidates for Executive Alliance were invited to submit 300-word candidate columns. Only light typographical and grammatical changes were made.

We are Jonathan Dror and Delisa Shannon. From DKR to the SAC, we bring together two very different student experiences on these 40 Acres in hopes of benefitting current and future Longhorns. Our main goals that we hope to execute through our platform are simple: to engage students and make life easier on and off campus.

Student engagement begins with encouraging each and every student to be involved on campus. With a population of over 50,000, there is no doubt that each student creates a unique journey during their time on the 40 Acres. This is what we had in mind when developing our initiative — Longhorn Fever. Longhorn Fever is an incentive-based program that rewards students for actively participating in everything UT has to offer. From sporting events to educational speakers, we believe that developing your unique Longhorn experience starts here. We also want to engage students through our Campus Plug initiative. Through Campus Plug, different student groups will have the opportunity to connect and discuss campus issues. Imagine a campus where the Asian Pan-Hellenic Council hosted philanthropy events with the Interfraternity Council — we want to make this a reality.

Making students’ lives easier starts with our initiative, Students 4 Students. We want to simplify already hectic student lives by accomplishing things like simplifying the class registration process. Registering for classes would be a lot less stressful if you were given information such as class size, spots remaining and wait list size. Beyond class registration, we want to make the SAC 24/5 to give students more options of places to study as well as improve transportation for students in West Campus, North Campus and Riverside.

We have a lot of goals, but we are ready to accomplish each and every one of them — we’re ready to Turn Up Texas, are you?

Dror is an economics junior from Houston. He is a candidate for student body president. Shannon is a journalism junior from Houston. She is a candidate for student body vice president. Follow the Dror-Shannon campaign on Twitter @drorshannon.