Dror-Shannon campaign hopes to “Turn Up Texas”

Rachel Lew

Jonathan Dror and Delisa Shannon are running for executive alliance and want to “Turn Up Texas” in the process. 

Through the platform theme of “#turnuptx,” Dror and Shannon hope to engage the student body as a whole and simplify students’ daily lives. 

“Our campaign slogan is #turnuptx, and we think it really embodies both of us,” Dror said. “It’s fun, it’s very relatable, and the main idea behind it is to engage more students, have more turnout at every event and really get more people involved.”

Dror and Shannon’s platform includes establishing 24/5 hours at the SAC, providing a game day shuttle service from locations such as Riverside and North Campus, taking measures to end sexual assault and increasing mental health awareness. 

“Jonathan [Dror] and I are both passionate about individuals on this campus,” Shannon said. “We both have very different experiences and come from very different backgrounds, but this campus has given us so many opportunities, and we share the want to give back to this campus tenfold what we’ve gotten.”

Shannon said their campaign hopes to unite the campus by opening pathways for conversation between students from different walks of life. Dror and Shannon want to emphasize Texas traditions and help student athletes feel like a part of the UT community through an initiative called “Longhorn Fever” that will award points to students who stay at sporting events from start to finish. 

“For ‘Longhorn Fever,’ the idea behind that is to engage students and increase turnout for sporting events, plays and [lecture] speakers,” Dror said. “We already started speaking with athletics about that, and they realize that attendance at these events are an issue.”

Economics junior Dror is a member of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, has served as university wide representative in Student Government and is involved in the Ransom Notes acapella group. Journalism junior Shannon is vice president of Texas Pom, brand ambassador for the University Co-op and social media chair for the Society of Professional Journalists. 

Dror is a first-generation college student from Houston, Texas. When he was younger, Dror said he wished was on Disney’s “Suite Life of Zach and Cody.” In addition to his love for classic Disney Channel shows and movies, Dror said he is obsessed with mashed potatoes.

Samantha Reichstein, Dror’s longtime friend and journalism junior, said Dror is one of the most genuine friends she has.

“I’ve had the privilege of being his friend since middle school, and to watch him transform into the leader he is today is an awesome experience,” Reichstein said. “He instantly connects with anyone he meets, is confident and isn’t afraid to do things he is passionate about. He’s a natural-born leader, a go-getter and someone who is ready to implement unique and creative ideas to the 40 Acres.”

Shannon said she enjoys long walks in the rain, the Disney movie Hercules — which she watches at least three times a week — she hates bad wi-fi.

Julianna Nicks, Shannon’s friend and rhetoric and writing junior, said Shannon is a universal person that gets along with everyone she meets.

“She’s down for everything,” Nicks said. “I’ve known her for years and she’s the best friend I could call to watch a movie or to go out. She’s friends with any and every type of person there is.”