Editorial Board endorses University-wide representative candidates

Editor’s Note: As candidates in other races, associate editors Alexander Chase and Mary Dolan recused themselves from the editorial decisions to endorse candidates for the positions of executive alliance and University-wide representative.


Like other representative positions in the Student Government Assembly, University-wide representatives are charged with writing and voting on legislation, advocating for pertinent and effective changes on the student body’s behalf and being present at weekly meetings of the Student Government Assembly.


Unlike other representatives, University-wide representatives are tasked with representing a diverse student body of over 50,000 and advocating for its varied needs. The importance of student representation should not be eclipsed by the relative unproductiveness of Student Government in years past. In choosing to endorse candidates for University-wide representative, this editorial board considered the platforms of the twelve candidates for the position, listed in order of the editorial board’s support.


Santiago Rosales

Rosales has a track record that proves that he is more than worthy of another year serving as University-wide representative. He has authored two resolutions in his time within Student Government and has an extremely comprehensive plan to make UT a much more inclusive and affordable institution. Because of all this, we believe that Rosales is the ideal candidate for University-wide representative.


Connor Madden

Madden currently serves as a Liberal Arts representative and previously served as a Longhorn Legislative Aide. His experience within Student Government and his desire to unite the student body through community service makes him a strong candidate.


Micky Wolf

Wolf currently serves as a McCombs representative and received the honor of being named an “Outstanding Representative.” We endorse Wolf because of his focus on inclusivity within Student Government, ideas for fixing broken projects and overall desire to increase voter turnout.


Aaron Arnett

As one of the younger candidates, Arnett brings an interesting perspective to Student Government. His previous experience as a first-year representative, as well as his focus on tangible solutions, make him a strong candidate.


Cameron Maxwell

Maxwell comes from two backgrounds that are underrepresented on campus. As an African-American transfer student, Maxwell has combatted struggles that are largely unknown to many of the students within Student Government. His focus on integrating Student Government with the Multicultural Engagement Center and Department of Diversity and Community Engagement makes him one of the only candidates with clear goals and plans for fostering inclusivity. We strongly endorse Maxwell.


Madison Huerta

Huerta’s passion exudes in each and every one of her platform points. Her desire to combat Student Government apathy is the very thing that the organization needs to focus upon, and it’s because of this that we strongly endorse Madison Huerta for University-wide representative.


Vignesh Ramdas

While lacking in Student Government experience, Ramdas has a deep understanding of the current problems within the organization. We endorse Ramdas because of his desire to localize SG issues, focus on post-legislation accountability and pass policies directed towards crime on campus.


Drew Orland

Though Orland is an outsider with regard to Student Government, his prior experience and involvement on campus is notable. Whatever experience he lacks, he makes up for in passion and plans. We endorse Orland because of the dynamic he offers to Student Government and his focus on creating an LGBT-friendly campus.


It is the opinion of this editorial board that the above candidates can best serve student needs for the 2016–2017 Student Government Assembly.


Voting in campus-wide elections will take place from 8 a.m. on Wednesday, March 2, through 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 3 online at www.utexasvote.org.