Why you should swipe right on online dating

Alyssa Fernandez

Online dating. It shouldn’t invoke cringes or individuals wondering when this 20-year-old fad will finally dissolve into obscurity. Unlike Silly Bandz, online dating is the new normal since it’s enhancing the way potential couples can meet. The magic word in this case is “meet” since that’s what online dating truly offers for singles.

It’s a tale as old as time. Boy meets girl, he or she believes the other is flirty before their mistake is realized and then he or she considers taking a vow of chastity. To put it simply, we all kind of suck at reading each other’s social cues. The biggest culprits are straight men according to one study that argues that they tend to overestimate the opposite sex’s interest in them.

Sometimes we bend the truth online but we also do it in real life too. Online dating doesn’t introduce anything new that threatens traditional communication, it’s only a reflection of our current habits. Growing up, I was told that I can be anything and on the internet that is certainly true, for better or worse. Sure, there are the classic catfishing stories and those can definitely give people anxiety about online dating. But what about the other side of the coin where that anonymity offers someone the outlet to truly express themselves without judgment, whether he or she is closeted, has a unique fetish or is a curious Duggar? Whatever it may be, online dating offers the chance to really be who you are.

Online dating is a medium that takes uncertainty out of the picture. It is almost guaranteed, save for a few scambots, that all those ranchers on Farmersonly.com are there to share a barrel of hay with. There is no awkward “are you single?” talk or wondering if they want a commitment or a hook-up. That lingering doubt is taken off the table depending on which online dating platform you choose.

Technology’s purpose is to make our lives easier and online dating has certainly done that. In the end, it’s an investment. Personally, I’d rather spend my efforts on an actual date rather than looking for one. A night on dirty sixth is a gamble. I can primp and prep as much as I’d like but I might walk away disappointed. Instead, skip that first step and find your disappointment through a misogynistic Bumble date. The problem with online dating isn’t based on the concept itself, but with the misleading name.

Fernandez is a Spanish and Rhetoric and Writing major from Allen. Follow her on [email protected]