Graduate Student Assembly election results withheld until at least Friday, if not longer

Cassandra Jaramillo

Although some campus-wide election results will be announced on Thursday, results for the Graduate Student Assembly will be embargoed until the appeals process is complete by the Sahil Bhandari and Michael Scott campaign.

Earlier this week, the University Election Supervisory Board, which supervises all campus-wide elections, disqualified the Bhandari-Scott campaign from the GSA election after GSA President Brian Wilkey filed a complaint. His complaint stated the Feb. 26 Longhorn Cattle Call was misrepresented as an event hosted by the Graduate Students Assembly’s Legislative Affairs Committee and the UT Graduate Students Against Campus Carry, a group that endorsed Bhandari and Scott, when GSA did not partner with the latter organization. Following the disqualification, Bhandari submitted an appeal for the Election Oversight Board, which is GSA’s appellate court, to hear his case.

Vance Roper, vice president of GSA, said the organization will hold a special session on Friday at 2:30 p.m., where voting members will approve the three-member board. A required two-thirds approval is needed to move forward in the process. Without the minimum approval to convene an Election Oversight Board, results could get postponed until next week. 

However, if an Election Oversight Board is approved on Friday, Roper said a hearing on the Bhandari-Scott appeal will happen immediately after on the same day.

If the Election Oversight Board upholds the ESB disqualification ruling, then voting from March 2–3 will be certified and results will be announced. On the other hand, if the board overturns the ESB disqualification ruling, then a re-vote will occur.