M83 teases new album with trippy first single “Do It, Try It”

Chris Duncan

After a general lack of activity over the past five years, M83 was right on the cusp of becoming a legacy band — a group that exists only in memory according to a very specific sound. With the announcement of M83’s upcoming album Junk and the release of its first single “Do It, Try It,” it’s obvious that frontman Anthony Gonzalez is determined to make sure his group doesn’t fall into that category.

The French electronic band formed back in 2001, drawing little attention from mainstream media until the group’s sixth album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. This record deviated from Gonzalez’s typical use of heavy synths, opting for a more accessible pop feel to gain a commercial edge.

If “Do It, Try It” is any sign of what’s to come in April with Junk, it’s clear Gonzalez has gone even further down the rabbit hole, incorporating disco influences and quirky stream-of-consciousness to form a new sound.

From the get-go, “Do It, Try It,” sounds like a theme song to a television show targeted at hipsters. It’s obvious that Gonzalez’s take on modern electronic plays into this single, with the uppity piano and vocal effects creating a trippy but enjoyable intro. Once the synths kick in a third of the way through the song, Gonzalez’s lyrical delivery becomes more strained, but catchy nonetheless. As he sings “A dance beat on repeat, A trance on a hard beat,” Gonzalez seems to both mock and exalt his own production.

The overall feel of the song is more fun than anything. If “Do It, Try It,” indicates the band’s new direction, old M83 fans might cringe at the group’s new sound while new fans could praise Gonzalez’s take on modern pop/electronic music.

Listen here.