SG executive alliance results announcement postponed

Rachel Lew

Campus-wide election results were announced Thursday night — with the exception of the Student Government executive alliance. 

According to the Election Supervisory Board and the Dean of Students, “the results of the Student Government executive alliance election cannot be certified due to pending actions on the part of the SG Assembly. The outcome of this race will depend on resolution of the assembly’s due process.”

The Election Supervisory Board declined to add further comments beyond their announced statement. 

Tanner Long, SG Speaker of the Assembly and government senior, filed articles Thursday morning to impeach current UT Supreme Court Chief Justice Zachary Stone and to delay the results of the executive alliance announcement, pending investigation.

“I allege the actions of the Supreme Court in both imposing a moratorium on the [Dimitroff-Guadiana] campaign and lifting the moratorium on the [Helgren-Kim] campaign were illegal actions of the Election Code,” Long said.

Long said the impact of the court decisions could have affected the candidates’ abilities to campaign.

“If that is indeed the case, the Court cannot retroactively go back and undue the harm of issuing the punishment,” Long said. “Thus, this election could have been impacted by an illegal act of the Court.”

Executive alliance presidential candidate Kevin Helgren said he and his team were hoping the results would be announced.

“We are disappointed that results were not announced, but we understand that Student Government is a process,” Helgren, a neuroscience and psychology senior, said. 

Daniel James Chapman, executive alliance presidential candidate and economics and mathematics senior, also said he is disappointed that executive alliance election results have been postponed.

“I hope that the ESB and involved parties are able to sort this out fairly,” Chapman said.

On Wednesday, the Graduate Student Assembly announced a similar delay in announcement of election results, until an appeals claim by Sahil Bhandari and Michael Scott can be processed.

Christina Depeña, biology senior who attended the announcement of election results, said she was specifically waiting for the executive alliance results and was disappointed about the delay.

“I can’t imagine what is going through the minds of all the candidates right now,” Depeña said. “This was supposed to be over tonight. I am quite confused as to the reason why the delay is occurring. I know the process has to be fair and I do appreciate that, however ESB and [Dean of Students] should be transparent and let the student body know what is going on.”