Tat-Tuesday: Students share stories behind the ink

Hunter Gierhart

Editor’s note: Tat-Tuesday is a weekly series that features students around campus and their tattoos.

Photos by Zoe Fu

Tanya Haden

International relations and global studies freshman Tanya Haden has a tattoo of “The World is Still Beautiful” written in Japanese on her side.

“I heard the quote, and that made me realize that even though I go through a lot of things, in other places in the world, it’s still beautiful,” Haden said.

The tattoo is also ironic, Haden said, given that she is Korean, not Japanese.

“I grew up in a Korean community that still has some animosity toward the Japanese, but I wanted the tattoo in Japanese Kana anyways,” Haden said. “I got it the night of my 18th birthday with some friends and went to my Korean church the next day.”

Madeline Dennison

Acting freshman Madeline Dennison has a small tattoo of a cross behind her ear. Dennison said she specifically got the tattoo in a place that she couldn’t see.

“I wanted it behind my ear because in my relationship with God, I can’t see him, but I know he’s there, so I wanted the tattoo to do the same thing,” Dennison said. “My sister has one on her finger, and my mom has one on her ankle, so we all have matching ones.”

She also said she doesn’t want her tattoos to be visible to others.

“I like tattoos for me and not for other people.”

Monique Aguilar

Human relations junior Monique Aguilar has a tattoo of an anchor on her ankle that she got alongside her best friend.

“It’s kind of corny, but we’re each others anchors, and we hold one another down,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar has three tattoos in total and is proud that they all have a meaning.

“I get one every summer,” Aguilar said, “But if you want a tattoo, get something that’s meaningful to you — make sure that’s it not dumb.”

Ijhanea Bunting

English sophomore Ijhanea Bunting has a tattoo of a coffee cup and a heart on her left wrist. She got the tattoo with her mom last August.

“Me and my mom are really serious coffee drinkers, so this is our bond and symbol,” Bunting said. “I got this design off of Pinterest and sent it to my mom. She said we both had to get it.”

Bunting said her mom was so serious about the tattoo that she flew in from Hawaii to get it.

“She came to visit me for a week, and that’s when we got the tattoo,” Bunting said.