Six ways to get around Austin during South by Southwest

Nour Al Ghraowi

Four-hundred thousand eager tourists will flood Austin this weekend for South By Southwest. Combat the rampant road closures and disrupted bus routes this weekend with these six alternate modes of transportation.


  • The best way to get around during SXSW is on a bike. It’s easy, environmentally friendly and eliminates parking concerns. If you don’t own a bike, the City of Austin provides rentals on almost every street. Austin B-Cycle has 50 stations around Austin that charge $8 for 24 hours or $15 for a three-day weekend.

Ride-hailing companies

  • If you aren’t a biker or don’t feel like exerting energy after standing in line for hours, Uber, Lyft and the recently-launched GetMe are the best solutions. From the comfort of your home, request a ride through your smartphone, but expect inflated rates due to increased SXSW traffic. 

Clover Scooters

  • What’s more fun than scooting down the street? Clover Scooters offers two rental options during SXSW — scooters and electric bikes. You can rent a Clover Scooter for $12 per hour or $40 for all day by visiting their store in West Campus on 24th Street. 


  • Renting a Car2Go is as easy as registering online, finding the nearest car and getting in. Users can drive to their destinations then leave the car parked at any legal Austin parking space or any metered or pay station parking space without paying any fees. Renting the car costs $0.41 per minute, not including tax or extra fees.


  • If you have money to spend, hail a pedicab. Hundreds of Austinites with carriages pulled behind their bikes will flood the streets during SXSW offering to transport you and one lucky friend to your next destination. Prices vary, but these rides are never cheap.


  • The public bus system, CapMetro, will run throughout the week on a revised bus route. Download the app, insert your address and destination, find out which bus to take and how to get to the nearest station.