Sourced Craft Cocktails makes home entertaining easier for Austinites

Stephen Acevedo

Austinites of all backgrounds can be found on Sixth Street any given weekend enjoying cheap mixed drinks. Sourced Craft Cocktails is offering people the chance to opt out of a regrettable night on Sixth with their cocktail
delivery service. 

Founded by Tim Angelillo, Sourced Craft Cocktails  delivers the ingredients and instructions necessary for customers to create their own craft cocktails at home. 

“What we do is make it easy to have a great cocktail experience at home,” Angelillo said. “We’re interested in providing something far beyond a vodka soda.”

Sourced Craft Cocktails offers customers a weekly curated menu of drinks to choose from. Customers select a beverage and quantity, and Sourced packages and delivers the necessary ingredients and barware in a barrel at their doorstep in under three hours. 

“A core difference between ourselves and other alcohol delivery services is that they’ll deliver you a bottle, and we’ll delivery you a complete experience,” Angelillo said.  

When customers are finished, they don’t have to do any cleanup, leaving dirty tools and glassware in the barrels outside their home for a Sourced employee to retreive. 

Sourced makes sure its customers are paying for something they cannot go out and buy anywhere else. Angelillo said their creative director, Brian Floyd, is one of the top ten mixologists in the world. He is one of the only ten mixologists to be trained by the legendary Sasha Petraske, considered to be the “godfather of the modern cocktail movement.” Almost every Sourced cocktail ingredient, aside from the alcohol itself, is made fresh daily. Even the ice is hand-carved by Sourced employees according to what is most appropriate for each cocktail. 

“We bring you the proper ice because ultimately what heat is to cooking, ice is to cocktails,” Angelillo said. “It’s impossible to have a great one without the proper ice.”

Government senior Alex Martinez said he could tell that Sourced paid close attention to detail with his cocktail set. 

“I ordered the Black Cherry Old Fashioned, and it was fantastic,” Martinez said. “The drink honestly would’ve probably been pretty shitty without that block of ice, though. I think normal ice would’ve made it just taste like water when it melted.” 

Aside from serving a community of cocktail lovers, Sourced tries to use its success to serve the Austin community as a whole. Angelillo said tips given to Sourced deliverymen are donated to the Barman’s Association, a nonprofit that uses alcohol tip money to buy nonperishable goods for those in need.

Although Sourced delivers alcoholic beverages directly to customer’s homes, its delivery method does not allow underage consumers to purchase alcohol. When a customer is purchasing a Sourced barrel, they age-verify him or her with his or her credit card company, as well as require an in-person presentation of a valid ID and the credit card used to make the purchase. 

Sourced’s social media manager Drew Ricketti said its most valuable asset is the enthusiasm its employees show for what they are doing.

“The people working here are some of the brightest and most passionate people,” Ricketti said. “Sourced is special because each one of us is ardently obsessed with our consumers’ experiences.”