Kelly Rowland talks Destiny’s Child, creating a new generation of girl groups

Megan Hix

Kelly Rowland opened up about her time in Destiny's Child, her new television show and even became "like Oprah," dishing out advice during her SXSW interview Saturday afternoon.

On her new BET show "Chasing Destiny," Rowland works with women looking to become the next big girl group. While part of that includes choreographed dance moves, she said dance steps didn't always come easy to her when she first joined Destiny's Child.

"No Rhythm Kelly Rowland — That's who I was," Rowland said.

What separated Destiny's Child from other young artists was their tireless work ethic, Rowland said.

"We just out-worked everybody," Rowland said. "We were some focused kids — We were just weirdos about it. It was what we woke up and we're excited about… [Music] was in our blood, a part of our DNA."

Since going solo from the three-piece group, Rowland has led a solo career with songs like "Motivation." She said she's working on creating a new album, her first since getting married and having her son, Titan.

She said she's taking her time to get it just right.

"I don't want to blend in with everybody else," Rowland said. "I want to stick out like the star I think I am."

Rowland also said the lack of girl groups on today's music charts is disappointing. She said there's a whole "new generation" of young women missing out on relatable role models and diverse voices.

"There's nothing wrong with selfies and solos, but I think it's time another generation to see women coming together," Rowland said.