Original results of SG executive alliance election now available

Rachel Lew

The original Student Government executive alliance election results were not announced March 3 because of a failure to be certified by the Dean of Students, but they are now available as a result of an open records request. 

The Dean of Students Office and the Election Supervisory Board determined a violation of due process occurred in the judicial decisions leading up to the first election and decided the original election results could not be certified. The original results are now available online and show an overall voter turnout of 9,942 votes — significantly higher than the second election’s turnout of 6,667.

  • The results of the Student Government Executive Alliance election that took place from March 2 to March 3, as obtained by The Daily Texan through an open records request.

In the original election, Helgren-Kim won 38.53 percent of the vote, and Dimitroff-Guadiana received 33.19 percent. Since no campaign won the majority of the vote, the two campaigns would have proceeded into a runoff election had the original results been certified.

In the second election, Helgren-Kim won 35.77 percent of the vote (2,385 votes), and Dimitroff-Guadiana 28.99 percent (1,933 votes), which resulted in the runoff election in which Helgren-Kim won the executive alliance last Thursday.

Dror-Shannon and Chapman-Robinson received 20.27 and 7.99 percent of the vote in the original election, respectively. In the second election, Dror-Shannon received 19.43 percent of the vote (1,296 votes), and Chapman-Robinson received 15.79 percent (1,053 votes).

In the second election, the Helgren-Kim campaign saw a decrease of 1327 votes from the original election, while the Dimitroff-Guadiana campaign had a decrease of 1265 votes. Dror-Shannon lost 657 votes between the two elections. Chapman-Robinson was the only campaign that saw an increase in votes, gaining 283 additional votes for the second election.