The best buys of Record Store Day 2016

Chris Duncan

Record Store Day began in 2007 as an annual event to celebrate the culture of independently owned record stores, but the event has grown to epic proportions compared to its humble origins. In past years, vinyl collectors were surprised with an impressive selection of exclusives from their favorite artists, past and present, and this year is no different. To help weed through the records going on sale this Saturday, The Daily Texan created this list of some of the best selections Record Store Day has to offer.

Casanova 70 

Air’s storied Record Store Day release history is expanding once more, this time with two remixes of their hit 1996 song “Casanova 70,” both by British music producer Brendan Lynch. Although these songs are already on YouTube, the vinyl is a limited-quantity, clear 140-gram 12-inch with blue, red and yellow splatters, which would look great hanging on a wall or spinning on a turntable.

Another (Demo) One 
Mac DeMarco

For an intimate view of the roots of Mac DeMarco’s signature singer-songwriter style, demos from his Another One EP will be released in a limited quantity. Recorded in his bedroom studio, dubbed “Jizz-Jazz” studios, these songs will surely bring a lo-fi feel to DeMarco’s pop melodies and serve as a showcase of DeMarco’s origins.

The Diary
J Dilla

Although he passed away over 10 years ago, J Dilla’s immense backlog of work is still making its way into the eye of the public. Critics speculate The Diary, the supposed follow-up to the legendary album Donuts, is J Dilla’s long-lost vocal album, but not much is certain with this LP. While it is risky to buy before hearing, it is worth checking out what this posthumous release from Dilla has to offer.

Melancholy Mood
Bob Dylan

Previously available only on his Japanese tour, this 7” pressed-on red vinyl offers Dylan fans a preview of four songs from his upcoming LP Fallen Angels. Although these songs will find their way to the public in late May, diehards can’t miss out on this opportunity.

At Last
Etta James

Etta James debuted in 1960 with her first full-length At Last, featuring her hit of the same name as well as staples of the decade’s R&B style. The reissue of the LP, including four bonus tracks, will be released on colored vinyl, a must for collectors of the era’s signature music.

I Gotta Try You Girl (Daft Punk Remix) 
Junior Kimbrough

One of the strangest yet most intriguing releases for Record Store Day 2016 is bluesman Junior Kimbrough’s hit I Gotta Try You Girl, remixed by Daft Punk for the 2013 St. Laurent Paris Fashion Show. If that isn’t enough to make you curious, the B-side has an etching of Kimbrough himself. 

Demos 1994-1998
Alanis Morissette

For all of the nostalgic ’90s fans out there, Alanis Morissette is releasing demos from her Jagged Little Pill heyday. The record comes on translucent vinyl with a purple splatter, as well as a velum insert to remind you of the good old days.

Blood Visions 10th Anniversary
Jay Reatard

The debut of the late Memphis garage rock legend Jay Reatard will be reissued on bloodred vinyl. This exclusive isn’t just a reissue — it includes a bonus 7-inch full of exclusive demos from the creation of Blood Visions. For anyone that doesn’t own this LP yet, this is a must-buy.