UT journalism program ranked second in the nation

Catherine Marfin

A new study released Tuesday ranked UT’s journalism school No. 2 in the nation.

College Factual is a national organization that ranks public and private universities by analyzing statistics such as graduation and tuition rates, student and faculty diversity, athletic departments and crime rates. For the study published Tuesday, College Factual analyzed journalism programs based on quality of the overall school and the starting and mid-career salaries of its graduates, among other factors, according to a press release from USA Today. 

Based on this analysis, UT’s journalism program was ranked second best, with Emerson College ranking first. UT ranked above other notable schools including Northwestern University, New York University, University of Missouri-Columbia and Syracuse University.

“The journalism program at UT really stands out because we’re taught and expected to be well-versed in all aspects journalism,” journalism sophomore Sandra Garcia said. “It puts huge emphasis on traditional reporting but is definitely looking to the future and what the digital age of journalism has brought and will bring. I think it’s an amazing program that prepares its students for life after UT by pushing us straight into it now.”

The USA Today press release said UT’s journalism school “offers strong supporting majors” and highlighted the skills of the educators working in the journalism department, specifically citing 18 Pulitzer Prize winners who graduated from the school.