THEY don’t want reporter to quit

Rachel Ann Lew

Y’all thought you had seen the last of me. #anotherone

This past semester was supposed to be my last semester at the Texan, yet here I am again. What can I say except that it’s been one hell of a semester. I knew being a senior reporter would be challenging, but I don’t think I was quite prepared for all the work and stress that comes with balancing the responsibilities of this job along with school and a social life. This semester brought unanticipated events that the news team and I never expected to have to report about. There were times I wanted to quit, or at least turn off my phone so I wouldn’t have to deal with any more work related messages.

At the end of my time here, I can say that I’m glad I persevered through this experience because I’ve walked away with knowledge and skills I would never have gained otherwise. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know so many different people who are doing amazing things.

Tl;dr, being a senior reporter was undeniably hard, but I can say I’m grateful for the opportunity. Thank you Peter and everyone at the Texan for everything you’ve done this semester, and particularly the news team because y’all are always the real MVPs. I want to thank Wynne, Estefenia and Cassandra for encouraging (possibly coercing) me to go out with y’all. Anyone who can get a homebody like myself to leave my apartment deserves a gold star. Finally, I want to thank Anthony for being there for me during my lowest moments this semester. Central Market wasn’t ready for a couple of daytime winos like us.