Television producer reflects on life in showbiz

Anna McCreary

Kevin Falls, co-executive producer of the Emmy-winning drama “The West Wing,” will screen his new Fox drama, “Pitch,” and speak on panels such as “Short N’ Sweet: The Single Season” at the ATX Television Festival on June 10. Falls spoke with The Daily Texan about the writing process and
making “Pitch.”

The Daily Texan: In the beginning of your
career you wrote films, but now you write mostly for TV. What has that transition been like?

Kevin Falls: Well, when you write movies, they take forever to develop. You can write a script and get paid for writing a script, and most times you never see it get turned into a movie. But with television — which I always sort of had my eye on — things happen quicker. You can write a script and get a response the next week, and you see it on the air a month after that. Once I got a taste of that, I never went back. 

DT: What does a typical day on the job look like for you? 

KF: Today, for instance, I’m doing this show called “Pitch” about the first female baseball player. We’ve sort of mapped out roughly how we see the season going with our writers. Pretty soon, we’ll have scripts and we’ll launch into production, and then it’s acting and lights, camera and action. But right now it’s eight people in a room drinking coffee and eating candy and popcorn and all sorts of other bad snacks, trying to come up with what the show’s going to be. 

DT: What are you most excited about fans
seeing in your new show, “Pitch”? 

KF: The concept of the show is the first woman pitching in the major leagues. We actually partnered with Major League Baseball on this, so we’re going to great lengths to make the baseball look real. It’s a big buy, to say that women can pitch in the major leagues, and we want to make that real. But beyond that, it’s really getting to see these characters and look behind the scenes at what it’s like to run a baseball team, what it’s like to be in the locker room, to be a Major League Baseball player.