Horns up, horns down: June 13

Horns up: Immigrants getting the job done

If we’ve learned anything in the past year while obsessively listening to the “Hamilton” soundtrack on Spotify — other than how easy it is to cry in public — it’s that the American dream of succeeding no matter your background may not actually be dead yet. Austin’s Mayte Lara Ibarra, the valedictorian of David Crockett High School, only confirmed those suspicions when she tweeted that she would be attending UT-Austin on a full scholarship despite being undocumented. We are excited to welcome her and the rest of the DREAMers in the Class of 2020 who are fighting for their education.

Horns down: Orlando gay club shooting

There is no easy way to report on the deadliest mass shooting in American history. The apparent shooter’s murder of 50 people at a gay club in Orlando during PRIDE month can only be interpreted as a clear act of hate against LGBT people. Coupled with his father’s claim that he was not motivated by religion, but by homophobic hatred, this massacre has turned what should be a month of celebration to one of mourning. The victims deserve not just thoughts and prayers, but action on guns and recognition of their identity and humanity.