Horns up, horns down: July 11

Horns Up: Fun in the sun

After two days of hundred degree heat last week and several more on the horizon, true Texan Summer is finally upon us. If you’re like us, you wouldn’t know this because up until the release of Pokemon Go, we’ve been inside, glued to our air conditioning units. But this  game has convinced even the most lethargic of us to brave the elements for upwards of six miles for a Pikachu. We don’t know if Michelle Obama secretly commissioned this game to get us to exercise, but either way, it’s working. We’re ready to walk, bike and paddleboard across the city to be the very best that no one ever was.

Horns Down: Police shootings

This week gave all sorts of reasons not to believe constitutional protections extend to all people. Black guns rights activists have reason to doubt that they can legally carry after the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the later of whom was shot after telling an officer he was legally carrying a firearm and reaching for his license. Just as #blacklivesmatter activists peacefully demonstrating in Dallas showed they and police could work together, an unaffiliated ex-marine killed five cops and wounded seven others. Solving centuries of racial tensions will not happen overnight, but agreeing not to justify the shootings of innocent, nonthreatening people would be a start.