Forum: Politics at its best ­— and its worst

Jordan Shenhar

This week’s forum features two articles showcasing a competition of political ideas — and one that serves as a sobering reminder of the racially motivated vitriol that has all too often precluded those sorts of fruitful conversations this election season.

Over the next 10 days, Austin’s residents will vote on a ballot initiative that would allocate $720 million towards improving the city’s infrastructure. To complement this week’s editorial on the subject, we’re running pieces from Mayor Steve Adler and Gonzalo Camacho, a candidate for City Council running in District 4. Adler argues that the bond will provide long-needed improvements to the city’s traffic woes, particularly during rush hour and at intersections. Camacho, a transportation engineer by trade, fears the resolution is too costly and should prioritize minimizing accidents over renovating roadways.

And in light of Wednesday’s demonstration against affirmative action organized by UT Young Conservatives of Texas, we conclude the forum with a column by Jasmine Barnes of Students for Equality and Diversity on the challenges black students face at this University — including, and especially, the insinuation that they shouldn’t be here at all.

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Shenhar is a Plan II, economics and government senior from Westport, Connecticut. He is the Forum Editor. Follow him on Twitter @jshenhar.