Monthly Playlist: Five artists to check out over Thanksgiving break

David Spector

During Thanksgiving break, relax and celebrate the holiday over turkey, stuffing and these five up-and-coming artists. 

Waveland hails from New Orleans, but their slow-burning guitars take more influence from Californian, surfy synth pop. Although Waveland is a side project for the post-punk band IZE’s guitarist Daniel O’Connell, it retains its own sound. Their track “Songs from the Wormhole” represents the band’s best attempt at their postmodern alt-indie mood, working cosmic vibes into such a sparse, minimalist song. 

Artists you might like: Beach House, Local Natives


Moses Mosima
Since releasing his EP Babies in October, Moses Mosima has gained some traction. The album begins with a jazz interlude and transitions into a romantic ballad rooted deep in hip hop. His electronic-backed vocals undulate and his music stops and starts unexpectedly. “Dancing ON The Walls” is a track representative of Mosima’s fluctuating electronic piano style complemented by confident vocals. On Babies, Mosima shows his eccentric take on dance music and longing to carve out his own niche. 

Artists you might like: Goldlink, Isaiah Rashad 


Bryson Tiller 
Fresh off his award-winning album T R A P S O U L, Bryson Tiller creates a soft-hitting, trap-inspired track. While T R A P S O U L was an introspective LP, Let Me Explain signals an even more personal and relatable artist. On the record, Tiller suavely pleads for a woman’s forgiveness and praises monogamy. Tiller uses his crooning whispers to pull in listeners and seamlessly mix trap and soul-R&B. While his spotlight has diminished in 2016, keep an ear out for Louisville, Kentucky’s prodigy.

Artists you might like: Jeremih, Party Next Door


Much like the foggy, atmospheric white neon on H.E.R’s album cover, H.E.R Volume 1 is a contemplative, glowing EP. New York artist H.E.R has a voice that resembles Beyoncé’s early works with more streamlined instrumentals. Her most listened to song on SoundCloud, “Focus,” features a gorgeous classic piano that pairs beautifully with her vocals. 

Artists you might like: Beyoncé, Noname Gypsy


While it may seem like a challenge to some bands, Jons can surprisingly work a psychedelic alt-pop vibe into a cohesive project. Their eclectic sound is similar to Mac Demarco’s hectic instrumentation and airy vocals. Their most recent project, At Work on Several Things, oozes with nostalgia and resonating guitar chords. The opening track “Trip Ads” is a song that feels distant while remaining personal and full of charisma. Jons is a group that lets their vocalist take a back seat to their glistening guitars and reverberating melodies. 

Artists you might like: Parquet Courts, The War on Drugs