UTPD warns campus community of suspect with multiple arrest warrants for burglary


The UT Police Department arrested a burglary suspect on campus Monday afternoon, just four days after warning the community of his repeated property crimes.

At 2 p.m. Monday, a UT staff member called UTPD after spotting 62-year-old Daryl Rembert in the Jackson Geological Sciences Building. Rembert has since been booked in Travis County Jail.

The staff member recognized Rembert from a “Be on the Lookout” notice that the department had sent out to the UT community through the Campus Watch that afternoon. The BOLO included pictures of Rembert, height and weight descriptions and other identifiers.

“Since we are a small geographical area at the University, it’s possible for the officers to get to know some of the repeat offenders,” Lt. Greg Stephenson said. “Normally people who want to come and steal will start realizing that officers recognize them and they’ll stop coming around; but we’ve seen him several times and we said, ‘This guy is not learning, he’s not moving on — we need to make him a priority.’”

UTPD currently has three arrest warrants against Rembert for property crimes committed against UT students and faculty. UTPD has reports of Rembert’s involvement in campus crimes from as early as 2014, according to Stephenson.

Rembert has been known to frequent campus and has been seen entering unlocked offices and buildings, taking purses, backpacks, wallets and other valuables left unattended, according to Officer Michael Murphy. Murphy writes the Campus Watch, which presents selected daily crimes reported to or observed by UTPD in the form of emails to subscribers.

“We are always so incredibly thankful,” UTPD spokeswoman Cindy Posey said. “We can get so much more accomplished when everyone’s paying attention.”

Additionally, UTPD announced Tuesday that the department plans to reward the staff member who submitted the tip through its Hungry for Justice Program, in which UTPD rewards anyone who reports a tip that leads to a criminal arrest with a free pizza.

“To the staff member who submitted that tip: Thank You from all of us at The University of Texas at Austin Police Department,” Murphy wrote in the Campus Watch. “You went above and beyond, and we are truly grateful.”