The Biscuit Hut food trailer brings quick and affordable breakfast to West Campus

Stephen Acevedo

Dylan Touchstone, founder of the Biscuit Hut, decided to risk it for the biscuit.

“I wanted to do breakfast because if I do breakfast, then I get the rest of the day to do whatever I want,” Touchstone said.

With his original location being on the East side, Touchstone wanted to serve food that would appeal to a demographic without stepping on anyone’s toes. 

“I thought about tacos, but then also thought that nobody was going to buy tacos from a white guy,” Touchstone said. “Especially where I was, you could go right down the street and buy better tacos made with people’s grandparents’ recipes from way back.” 

After further rumination, he landed on the concept of custom biscuits made to order, something more in his wheelhouse of his culinary skills. 

After some nightmarish encounters he had with picky eaters while working as a waiter at various restaurants, Touchstone got the idea to offer a customizable menu at the Biscuit Hut.  

“I hated when people would ask for recommendations and then tell me what they didn’t want on it,” Touchstone said. “So I figure here I can just be like, ‘Here are the options. Let’s break it down right now, and you decide what you want.’ It’s so much easier, especially for the customers.”

Touchstone said it’s important to him to keep his menu affordable, especially now that his trailer is located in West Campus. 

“There’s this biscuit place right by my brother’s house, and they want $11 for biscuits and gravy with some stuff on top,” Touchstone said. “$11 for breakfast is crazy. Breakfast is supposed to be cheap. It’s supposed to be an everyday common person thing. Real quick and to the point.”

Touchstone also makes a point of keeping everything in his truck fresh. He bakes his biscuits daily in the trailer, and if he feels that they’ve been sitting for too long, he will toss them out and bake a fresh batch. 

“That’s the joy of my truck,” Touchstone said. “I have it so small that no matter what I have to restock every day. You’re never going to get old food from here.” 

The Biscuit Hut is a surprisingly convenient and quick breakfast option for being a food truck. It’s positioned on 26th and Rio Grande streets with the window facing out toward the sidewalk so students walking to class can quickly order a biscuit to go. 

Touchstone is quick to get orders down and have the biscuits ready to go in under a minute. Even for some of the toppings that require extra time to fry, like the chicken strip, the biscuits still get made at an impressively quick pace. 

The options to fill the biscuits go far beyond the standard sausage, eggs and cheese, although that level of simplicity is still certainly available. The Biscuit Hut offers an eclectic array of additions like boudain, spinach and even sloppy joe, along with many others. 

All of the ingredients offered for the biscuits are noticeably fresh and tasty. The boudain, in particular, serves as an exceptional base for a biscuit sandwich. The vegetables, especially the tomato and spinach, do a great job of balancing out the heartiness of the meat and the heaviness of the biscuit in order to make this breakfast sandwich a little more of a subtle early morning meal. 

With low prices, quick service and a convenient location, The Biscuit Hut has found the secret to making a West Campus food truck quick and practical for students in a hurry.