UT LONGmemes for HORNsy Teens goes viral

Ashley Liu

One does not simply expect a meme page to go viral — but UT LONGmemes for HORNSy Teens did.

The Facebook page features UT-specific jokes about rivalries between majors, midterm stress and construction along Speedway. The page, which was created in January, has almost 4,000 members and more than 700 meme posts. 

Founder and administrator Joseph Bae said he was not expecting the page to gain such popularity. 

“I made the page with my friends as a joke,” electrical engineering junior Bae said. “All of a sudden we had 1,000 members within a week. Now we get at least 20 to 50 new posts per day. I had to turn off my notification or else I wouldn’t see anything else on my Facebook feed.”

The page contains original posts specific to UT issues.

“Students probably relate to them more than generic memes from Twitter and Reddit,” Bae said. “Finals are also coming up so students are probably looking for a quick pick-me-up. They can also tag their Facebook friends in comments and spread the joy around.”

Bae said although the page is meant to be lighthearted and fun, some memes related to the recent vandalism of fraternity houses have caused controversy.

“I’m glad there is discussion, but a meme page just isn’t the place for it,” Bae said. “Controversy isn’t going to be taken seriously here and that undermines the seriousness of the problem as well. I try to delete some of the offensive material to keep the page friendly for everyone.”

Petroleum engineering freshman Mitchel Broten said he enjoys the page and its major-related memes.

“Because I’m an engineering major, I especially enjoy the rivalry memes between (engineering) and liberal arts,” Broten said. “It’s fun to see other majors joke about their perception of us. The rivalry makes me feel like I’m part of a team and that gives me a sense of community.”

Nutrition freshman Heema Patel said seeing relatable memes makes her feel better about her own problems.

“I feel like I’m not alone,” Patel said. “I was really frustrated with registration because I couldn’t get a lot of the popular classes, but seeing other students tease the UT registration process made me realize that everyone has these kinds of problems. I’ll be OK.”