Love Yourself event inspires women to put themselves first

Hannah Plantowsky

Though women in the workforce are often encouraged to abandon elements of the femininity in hopes of success, some Austin professional women are encouraging others like them to see their womanhood as an invaluable asset.

The Young Women’s Alliance is an organization that empowers women to reach their full potential in both their careers and personal lives. This Sunday, YWA is hosting Love Yourself, an event intended to inspire women to prioritize themselves and their health in their everyday lives. Stephanie Circhirillo, a representative from YWA, said they have been working on this event since December.

“With the political climate of today, and all of the women’s movements going on now in solidarity, just being a part of a group that is doing good in the world and trying to take care of each other is very important,” Circhirillo said. 

Though the event caters to individual women, Liz Rubio, another representative from YWA, said she looks forward to Austin’s successful women coming together to better themselves as a community,

“A lot of the women in the Young Women’s Alliance come from a very entrepreneurial background,” Rubio said. “What the Alliance does is create a network of women who are very like-minded through wanting to expand their horizons and continue the learning curve.”

Rubio said she is also excited for advice and commentary pertaining to feminine strength and excellence from the panelists. 

“We want to get everyone comfortable and talk about the issues we may not always want to talk about,” Rubio said. “(These issues are) so frequent in our everyday lives that we don’t often think about how they affect us as women.”

Rubio said she hopes the panelists will inspire a candid environment where women feel comfortable to discuss everything from their disappointments and concerns to their successes and resilience. Morgan Susan Taylor, founder of the Feminine Wisdom Academy and one of the scheduled panelists for the event, said she is looking forward to promoting feminine pride. 

“My main focus is on women sexuality and feminine spirituality,” Taylor said. “We have to know our own bodies first and be connected to ourselves first in order to know what we want to be and to fully give to someone else.”

Taylor said this message of healthy self-centering behavior is often overlooked and disregarded by most women in today’s society because of the sweeping generalizations of being submissive and meek.

“It all starts with yourself and your own body and what you want, what you need, what you desire and being connected to yourself,” Taylor said. “I specialize with women because we tend to give ourselves away a lot and a lot of the time we lose ourselves.”

Love Yourself invites women to come together as a united and encouraging community to be empowered and educated in self-health and betterment.

“At the end of the day, we are there to be cheerleaders for one another and to empower one another,” Rubio said. “We are a group of women who don’t want to tear each other down. In fact, we are a group of women who want to inspire one another on a daily basis to do better, to set higher goals and to remind ourselves each and everyone one of us is loved and that we should take care of ourselves first and foremost.”