New startup app UNIBEES offers food deals, student connection center

Kevin Dural

People are buzzing about a new startup application called UNIBEES, a nationwide, one-stop-shop for deals and free food and aimed at college students. Founded in 2016, the app simplifies the way students interact with their college community.

The company, based in Dallas, recently expanded to UT this year, offering deals for businesses right on Guadalupe Street. 

“We have the deals right next door to the University of Texas campus,” UNIBEES founder Abinav Kalidindi said. “These companies range from Thai, How Are You? to Smoothie King to Qdoba.”

The problem, Kalidindi said, is that there are too many applications that offer deals on food and entertainment. He added that none of them are geared towards college students, and none of them let the students know where to get free food.

“There are too many applications out there,” Kalidindi said. “We needed an application that took the students into a perspective that would individualize everything.”

Free and fun activities on campus are one section included in the app. Kalidindi said having an application that gives deals on food and also advertises entertainment around campus would be much more useful for college students.

“It’s simple: Students have to eat three times a day.” Kalindini said. “This is the focus. However, teenagers also love movies, food and especially saving money.”

He also added that the application currently helps over 1,000 companies and clubs gain traction. When they host events, these organizations can post about it on the UNIBEES app to advertise to students.

“We want people to show up. This allows better promotion for student organizations,” said Harlan Beverly, assistant director at Texas Venture Labs.

Kalidindi said that these organizations on campus are well-funded, but this application can solve the problem of marketing. Students can go to one app to see everything happening around campus.

“Their attention will be in one place and not scattered around,” Kalidindi said. “Just open the app, and see all of what there is to do around campus.”

In addition, the application offers a new feature, called the Hive, that can connect students with particular interests to one another — but this isn’t a dating app. The application matches people that would want to be friends or collaborate with one another based on their common interests.

“An application like this would connect me with students that I can collaborate with on the music I make outside of school,” business sophomore Ty Temple said. “Often times, I’ve needed help from a videographer. Using UNIBEES would let me connect with the resources and people I need on campus.”

UNIBEES decided to expand into the UT market because Kalidindi said the school’s population offers many opportunities for the app. 

“In addition to its massive size, the culture of collaboration at the school is very strong,” Kalidindi said. “Students need one application that will connect them with other students of similar interests and tell them what’s fun to do around campus.”