Fan finds comfort, builds relationships through The Maine concerts

Sofia Mendiola

Melanie Sarate did not settle for seeing her favorite band just once or twice. 

Over the course of seven years, women and gender studies sophomore Melanie Sarate, has managed to attend 25 shows for her favorite alternative rock band, The Maine.

Melanie Sarate was first introduced to The Maine at 12 years old after attending a free concert at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

“I remember just being happy. Everybody in the audience was singing together, and it was just so beautiful,” Melanie Sarate said.

After experiencing the fun and happy atmosphere of her first show, Melanie Sarate continued to look up various songs alongside her older sister, Amber Sarate, education senior at University of Texas at San
Antiono. Destiny Ramos, human development and family sciences junior and close friend of Melanie Sarate, said the sisters have forged an even deeper bond after discovering the band together. 

“Melanie appreciates The Maine so much, and being able to find someone who shares the same love as her makes those relationships stronger,” Ramos said. 

Both of the sisters expressed how dedicated the band is towards their fans after experiencing several one-on-one encounters with them.

“This band will stay after their shows for hours until the venue makes them leave,” Amber Sarate said. “They don’t just say hi or take pictures, but they really talk to you and actually get to know you.”

Even though the Sarate sisters aren’t exactly friends with the band members, Melanie Sarate said listening to their music feels like talking to an old companion. Though many bands in the music industry do not greet fans without a price, The Maine does not demand any fee, giving fans the opportunity to gain an even deeper connection with them. 

While facing obstacles in her own personal life, the band has always been a source of escape for Melanie. The band’s lyrics have conveyed countless messages approaching the topics of fighting depression, being confident in oneself and knowing you are never too cool to do anything. 

“No matter what you are going through, when you’re listening (to their music), nothing else matters,” Melanie Sarate said. 

This past spring semester, Melanie Sarate, Amber Sarate and a couple of their friends flew to the band’s hometown in Phoenix, Ariz., to attend the yearly 8123 Music Festival, which showcased The Maine and other alternative bands part of 8123 Records.

Though she had to miss the first week of spring semester to attend the festival, Melanie Sarate said it was definitely worth it.

“People from all over the world were there,” Melanie Sarate said. “It was just crazy to see all of these people and to know we were all there for the same reason.” 

Despite having seen The Maine 25 times, Melanie Sarate does not show any sign of discontinuing her support for the band and plans to attend as many shows as possible. 

“You need to do what makes you happy in the best way you can,” Melanie Sarate said. “The Maine reminds (me) of that every single day.”