The pending creation of College to Career will place emphasis on life after college

Anna Lassmann

The College to Career program will now be able to launch due to recently announced funding from the University.

At his Sept. 12 State of the University Address, UT President Gregory Fenves announced funding from the Available University Fund will be used to start the program. The launch date has yet to be determined.

“One of the most important responsibilities the University has is ensuring our students are prepared to succeed when they graduate,” said Joe E. Williams, director of communications in the Office of the Vice President and Provost.

In February, the University announced the creation of the College to Career Task Force, which assigned faculty and staff to review UT’s efforts in preparing students for life after graduation.

The Task Force submitted a report to Provost Maurie McInnis, which is currently under review. Its findings will be implemented at the program’s launch.

“Our goal is to help all students develop and transition into their lives after graduation,” Williams said. “The findings from the task force report will help us identify areas where we can improve.”

UT currently offers career counseling services through the Vick Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling.

Molly Gully, director of the Vick Center, said UT places a lot of emphasis on the junior and senior years of students and not much on preparation before that.

“I think there could be more emphasis on that exploration and discovery process in those first two years,” Gully said.

More attention should be placed on educating students about the many careers and majors available, because students come to college knowing an average of five careers, Gully said.

“I think there could be a lot more emphasis on educating students about the world of work and providing students with the guidance to help them understand themselves,” Gully said. “Then translate that into an academic and career path that they’re going to be successful and happy in.”

College to Career will help make sure students are on the right career path, Gully said.

“I think there will be informational interviewing happening within those mentorship roles that will help students find a better fit,” Gully said.

Geography senior Sarah Rokhsaz said she thinks this new initiative will be a good opportunity for students in the future.

“(College to Career) is an incredible opportunity for future graduates to be immersed in the workforce right after graduating, and that’s what everyone hopes for,” Rokhsaz said.