Recap: Austin City Limits Day 3

Justin Jones

ACL Day 3: though it lacked the memorable moments of Day 1’s performance of “The Story of OJ” from Jay-Z and Day 2’s impromptu Longhorns watching party it was still a wonderful time in the blazing hot sun.

The temperature, which got all the way up into the mid-90s, led to widespread annoyance among attendees. Music fans across Zilker Park kept to the shadows, with massive, packed crowds in the small blocks of shade underneath trees and behind sound booths.

The music brought the people out of the shadows, as Caitlyn Smith delivered wonderful covers of classic country music and DRAM rolled up that Broccoli on the Honda stage (and a mysterious haze rose from the crowd during the performance).

Day 3’s first dominant performance came from Run the Jewels, a rap duo of two guys that look like James Corden and Rick Ross. They meld impressively, delivering powerhouse rap music that had the crowd bumping during the hottest part of the day. Their standout moment came from the song “Legend Has It,” which gained notoriety when used in Marvel’s “Black Panther” trailer.

The day’s end came with a difficult choice: The Killers and Gorillaz. It was a tough choice between two legendary rock groups, but luckily their setlists lined up well enough for attendees to hop between the two. The Killers opened with an emotional Tom Petty tribute, which led right into their biggest hit, “Mr. Brightside,” and Gorillaz closed out with their biggest hit, “Feel Good Inc,” only a half hour later. At the end of it, Day 3 was a wonderful time for rock fans, but hip-hop fans were left wanting after the first two brilliant days.