Horns Up, Horns Down: The fall woes are in full swing


Horns up: Halloweekend

We debated whether this was a horns up or horns down, but after some firsthand editorial research we determined this weekend to be an overall net positive. Yes, West Campus became more of a literal zoo than usual and your roommates have been drinking since Thursday, but nothing like a weeklong college holiday to break midterm monotony.


Horns Up: Austin Library

With this week’s opening of the Austin Central Public Library, students’ architectural experiences are experiencing an upgrade from the PCL’s fluorescent-lit interiors and linoleum carpets. They can now gaze into the interior of a city they probably cannot afford after graduation from the lush rooftop garden. They can read books, check out a laptop from a vending machine, watch a virtual reality film or even watch a cooking demonstration inside the library — and those are just the advertised amenities. We haven’t been this excited about books since we heard about John Green’s new novel.




Horns Down: We still don’t have a fall break

Halloween falling on a Tuesday gives us all a reason to keep the party going. It’s a chance for us all to really get weird and collectively avoid our responsibilities. Those assignments and weeks of reading you need to catch up on seem so insignificant when you could run around dressed as a banana instead. Unfortunately, they will still be there when you get back. So, why hasn’t UT turned Halloweekend into a fall break yet? The student body is pretty much checked out anyways, so why not avoid the imminent campus-wide stress that we’ll be facing come Wednesday and give us some time off?


Horns Down: The bricks (again)

Please stop stealing bricks. Yes, the Texan broke the story, but this was not our intention.


Horns Down: Registration

Whether you’re an underclassman about to get waitlisted on all of your required courses or a senior looking desperately to fill those last obligatory hours, no one is looking forward to registration this week. The horribly early registration times and every class on your pre-planned schedule closing right before your eyes drive us all a little crazier every year. We also feel bad for administration; no matter how many students they manually put in classes and onto waitlists, our advisors just can’t win. Students will resent the process regardless of where they stand in their degree audit. But, registration is a necessary evil for all of us. So double and triple check your 10 possible schedules and may the registration gods be ever in your favor.