UT hosts first Fall Fall Fall Fest

Mason Carroll

Students who walked across the Main Mall on Saturday night ran into smoke and strobe lights from the first annual Fall Fall Fall Fest.

The concert was put together by Campus Events + Entertainment Headliners, Texas Interfraternity Council and Student Government. The event was free to the public.

Rachel Lai, headliners chair and neuroscience and advertising junior, said the event is a great way to make live music affordable for the student body.

“There’s so many music fest opportunities, and Austin is the live music capital of the world so I feel like we should provide that same opportunity for our students on campus,” Lai said.

The band Lost Kings headlined the event along with bands such as CADE and a few student groups at the Main Mall right under the Tower. Lai said the spot was fitting for the event.

“We are the University of Texas, we should have opportunities like this on campus,” Lai said.

Lai said the fest is a perfect opportunity for students who do not want to pay a large amount of money to go see a concert. Rhetoric and writing junior Romana Karedia said she thought people were having a lot of fun and it helped that the event was free.

“I think it’s a good opportunity because everyone, regardless of their financial income, can come together and watch whatever shows they want and have an enjoyable time,” Karedia said.

Harper Yatvin, human dimensions of organizations junior, said he thought the event looked cool, but the fact it was on campus made it unappealing.

“You don’t go on campus to party, you go off campus,” Yatvin said. “It’s like the graffiti effect. Because it’s on campus it’s not as cool, and that’s just not avoidable.”

Music can bring everyone together, and that is what they are trying to do with events like this, Karedia said.

“Togetherness and unity,” Karedia said. “I think it just shows there is a common ground because everyone loves music and it is a way for students to be stress free from all of their studies and other extra curriculum activities.”

The event was a lot of work and very stressful, Lai said, but she was happy with the end results.

“To see that all of hard work could create memories for students makes it all worth it,” Lai said.