UTPD continues to search for indecent exposure suspect

Ashley Liu

The UT Police Department is continuing to search for a suspect involved in an indecent exposure incident that occurred near campus on Saturday night.

A man is reported to have flashed female subjects in front of the restaurant Thai, How Are You? at the intersection of 21st and Guadalupe Streets. UTPD describes the suspect as a Caucasian male in his 20s with either very short or shaved hair. He was last seen dressed in a dark gray button-up shirt and blue jeans, according to UTPD.

Anyone with relevant information on the whereabouts of the suspect is urged to contact UTPD at 512-471-4441. UTPD was not available for further comment.

Economics sophomore Samir Punjwany always walks past Thai, How Are You? to get home and said he is not surprised by the oddity of the incident.

“There are always sketchy people walking on Guadalupe Street,” Punjwany said. “I can totally see something like this happening, but I’m glad that it happened over Thanksgiving break so not as many students were here to witness the event.”

Although indecent exposures don’t physically hurt anyone, the incident still reflects badly on campus safety, Punjwany said.

“I imagine this would be a frightening and disturbing experience for the female victims,” Punjwany said. “It looks bad on UT. No one wants to see publicly exposed people on campus. I really hope the cops catch the suspect because there might be potential for him to cause more disturbance.”

Biochemistry sophomore Jacquelyn Chan said there needs to be more police presence on Guadalupe Street.

“I would always get scared by people who act oddly when I’m walking by myself at night on Guadalupe Street,” Chan said. “I wish there were more patrols by UTPD in that location because it’s such a common area to cross for students who live in West Campus.”

Chan said females tend to be more often targeted by indecent exposures.

“I know it’s not a crime where someone gets physically hurt,” Chan said. “But it’s still public disturbance, and I would personally be offended and disturbed if someone flashed me in front of a restaurant.”