Who needs a boyfriend? Here’s 5 reasons Bevo is better than any guy out there

Shelby Woods

Around Valentine’s Day it becomes difficult to fight off the hyper-awareness of how single you are. Seeing posts of happy couples, cute gift ideas, and romantic dates can cause loneliness and in some cases, desperation. But don’t settle for a boy who doesn’t deserve you. At the University of Texas at Austin, you have someone better than any boy out there; you have Bevo.

1. He’s a great listener

Bevo will never interrupt you when you’re venting about your day. He’ll pay attention to whatever it is you need to say to him and he won’t respond to your rant with “that sucks.” Bevo actually cares.



2. Not only is he big enough to intimidate your ex, he’s also very successful

Everyone at UT knows who Bevo is, and they all love him. He even has his own fan club. When’s the last time all your friends approved of the guy you were talking to? Self-care is ditching that boy you’re too good for anyways to start spending your time with Bevo.



3. He can introduce you to Matthew McConaughey

With his high social status, it’s common knowledge Bevo and McConaughey are best buds. Befriending Bevo could give you an opportunity no boy ever would.



4. He’s consistent

Men can be dogs. They won’t talk to you for days and then out of the blue act all sweet. With Bevo, there are no games. Bevo is a longhorn and will always be a longhorn.



5. He rings his own bell

Boys are emotionally immature. They are insecure and are constantly trying to compensate for it. Bevo isn’t like that. Bevo knows who he is and what he wants, and he would never bring anyone down to make himself feel better. Bevo is dependable, and that’s why he’s much better than any boy that might ask to be your Valentine.