Andrew Jones gives first public interview since leukemia diagnosis

Gage Trexler

On Jan. 10, Texas sophomore guard Andrew Jones’ life completely changed when he was diagnosed with leukemia right in the middle of the college basketball season. Despite the great adversity he has already faced, Jones has remained positive on his Twitter account throughout the entire process.

Jones gave his first public interview since the diagnosis when he was interviewed Monday by the Lone Star Sports Network on YouTube.

Jones told the Lone Star Sports Network treatment has been an eye-opening experience, especially because he now has difficulty completing day-to-day tasks.

“Some of the things like brushing your teeth on your own, you take little stuff like that for granted,” Jones said in the interview. “The one thing I miss the most is just being able to get out and live a regular life like I used to.”

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As Jones has been in the hospital, he has posted many tweets of progress and positivity.

“I just want to show that I’m not just in the hospital doing bad,” Jones said. “I’ve been in a great place lately, these last couple of weeks.”

Jones said he believes this experience will change the way he views everything in life, including the game of basketball when he makes his return.

“I’m going to have a more motivated mindset, I’m going to be more dedicated, I’m going to be grateful that I can get back to playing the sport that I love,” Jones said. “Everything is going to be good, and I’ll be back soon.”