Free TeXercise classes on NIRSA Day display fitness opportunities to UT students

Caitlin Davis

UT students worked around their schedules to fit in as many free TeXercise classes as they could on Thursday.

RecSports’ National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day offered those looking to improve their fitness, maintain a healthy lifestyle or get into shape a way to experience a practical option to achieve health goals. RecSports offered a variety of classes and activities for all students’ interests, including yoga, pilates, Quidditch, soccer, weightlifting, cycling and many other activities.

Rachel Breeding, TeXercise instructor and personal trainer, said she hoped the free classes would attract students while sparking an interest in fitness and wellness.

“(Students) are in the beginning of their adulthood,” Breeding said. “They’re setting the patterns and habits they’ll have for the rest of their lives.”

The day was part of a nationwide event hosted by the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, the national association that regulates collegiate recreational sports. It featured free climbing wall access, massages, sport club demonstrations, Yoga on the Plaza and free TeXercise classes.

Nursing freshman Marian Salinas said she got involved in TeXercise classes as a way to escape her coursework and take time to relax.

“I come to get out of the stress,” Salinas said. “(TeXercise classes) are a good way to get your mind off of all the tests.”

Public health sophomore Sydney Jones recently bought a TeXercise pass for the semester and participates in yoga classes.

“It’s good to pay attention to health because it gets put on the back burner as a student,” Jones said. “Students will kick themselves for eating a pizza, but won’t have something to balance it out.”

Biochemistry junior Amelia Brown, group instructor and fitness and wellness program assistant, said NIRSA Day draws in many students because it is a free way to sample everything RecSports has to offer. Brown said it is generally a success because everyone seems to love anything free.

“It can be difficult to make yourself work out on your own in the weight room,” Brown said. “In classes, we’re able to create an efficient workout.”

Brown said getting students involved in taking care of their own fitness is vital, as students are developing their lifelong practices.

“For me, I feel like exercise plays an important role in my life,” Brown said. “A lot of health habits start in college. TeXercise classes can set students up for success.”