University-wide endorsements

Like other positions in the Student Government Assembly, University-wide representatives are charged with writing and voting on legislation, advocating for pertinent and effective changes on the student body’s behalf and attending weekly meetings of the Student Government Assembly.

Unlike college-specific reps, University-wide representatives are tasked with speaking for a diverse student body of over 50,000 and advocating for its varied needs. The importance of student representation should not be eclipsed by the relative unproductiveness of Student Government in years past. In choosing to endorse candidates for University-wide representative, the editorial board focused on the platforms for each candidate for the position.

Camron Goodman

We strongly endorse Camron Goodman for his clear action plan to create a direct line of communication between students and SG operations. He expresses a need for direct conversation between students and SG and wants to produce bi-weekly videos outlining current SG projects/legislation and host monthly town hall meetings themed with campus climate issues. Goodman hopes to improve student participation in SG by holding workshops to teach students how to get involved with legislation writing and funding access, for example. He recognizes these initiatives are contingent on student interest, but believes they will improve the student experience.

Fabiola Barreto

We strongly endorse Fabiola Barreto for her experience serving as Liberal Arts Representative and her continued commitment to representative leadership. Her desire to draw on her own background to improve advocacy and diversity with SG bring authenticity and the possibility of action to what otherwise might amount to typical SG buzzwords. Particularly, her desire to continue and grow the first generation kickoff event started by Alejandrina proves an understanding of continuity of existing SG initiatives at work. We were also impressed by Fabiola’s past engagement with the Capitol, applying SG’s role to legislative action.

Camilla Kampmann

We endorse Camilla Kampmann due to her plan to encourage civic engagement through SG’s work with Hook the Vote. Kampmann’s experience with state relations will productively inform the engagement initiatives she leads.  Her other platform points focus on fighting stigma around seeking mental health services and increasing reach of consent curriculum. While these are both noble goals, they are not profound revelations and do not address existing initiatives to solve the problems. We encourage her to add details about how she will implement programs to achieve these goals in a fresh way.

Adam Bergman

We endorse Adam Bergman for his commitment to improving the university communication system, specifically altering the text alert process to avoid alerts that do not directly impact students and fast track communication on important events. Drawing on his own experience of  switching majors, Bergman will advocate for simplifying the process for students to change their minds and explore different fields of study. As a first-year representative, Bergman learned how SG operates and wants to continue making connections between SG and the student body at a university-wide level.  That being said, Bergman should be cognizant of the limitations of his office and keep his goals realistic.