10 things UT can do with the $27,000 Fenves will be returning

Sabrina Martinez

President Gregory Fenves will reimburse the University $27,000 after a February audit by the UT System found that he was in violation of UT-Austin rules by flying business class instead of economy numerous times.

While tuition was not used to cover the flights, it would be nice to think that UT could use the money for something that would actually benefit students and campus. Here are 10 things the campus could benefit from with the $27,000.

1. Upgrade the Turtle Pond

We want those turtles gliding down a water slide NOW.

2. Build a treehouse for the squirrels with catered nuts

Maybe then they’d stop stealing everyone’s Chick-Fil-A patties.

3. Add more Mind/Body Labs around campus

Napping in a quiet, cold, secluded room is better than curling up on the stairs of the SAC like an orphan in a Charles Dickens novel.

4. Add another 640 bus

It takes more time to wait for the bus than it would to just walk.

5. Massive supply of free Blue Books and scantrons

Bevo Bucks should be used on snacks, not a bundle of 15 blank pages that only gets one-third filled.

6. Fix Butler School of Music

At least glue some tiles back to the ceiling or pick them up from the floor.

7. Add a moving walkway to Speedway

You can’t steal an escalator.

8. Restore fountains

Why do none of the fountains on campus shoot water? They’re just rusty basins of air and pipes.

9. Free T-shirts for everyone

Students make the best billboards and it’s not like their attire consist of any real clothes.

10. Add more parking

Stop selling more parking passes than there are spaces.