5 things learned at the Luck Reunion

Chris Duncan

Taking place every year at Willie Nelson’s ranch in Spicewood, Texas, the Luck Reunion is an exclusive gathering of hard-core Nelson fans. Capped at 2,000 general admission tickets, the event is intimate and and exciting – no stage times are published in advance of the event, promoting patrons to explore and discover new artists. Here are the five things The Daily Texan learned attending 2018’s Luck Reunion

Arrive early

This year, performances ran for twelve hours beginning at 11 a.m. Although this might sound like a long day of just listening to live music, the ranch has ample actives to keep patrons engaged. From a leather tannery to complimentary shoe shines and free drinks galore, it's hard not to take time to relax and enjoy yourself while on the grounds of Luck, TX.

Bus or Car?

This year, the Luck Reunion gave general admission patrons the option to either take a bus from downtown for a small free or drive the 50 minutes from Austin. The bus had free drinks for travel to and from the city, and those taking the bus clearly capitalized on the opportunity, drinking all the way into the night. Attendees who drove had to pay $20 for parking, but had their privacy and schedules maintained. Leaving the festival was chaotic as expected, but it seemed that busses had priority over cars. Pick your poison.

The Chapel is the best venue

Built originally as a movie set, the part of Nelson's ranch that holds the reunion has several old timey buildings, the main of which is The Chapel. Capped at 45 spectators, The Chapel features two rows of church pews and limited standing room, meaning you get to listen to artists in the most intimate way possible. Although there's often an hour long wait to get in, it's more than worth it to see your favorite artist with such a quaint feeling. If you're not ready for the wait, you can always try to peer into The Chapel’s windows and sneak a peek.

Wait to buy your merch

Upon entering the festival, it's likely the merch line is going to be massive. This is likely due to the promo codes for next year’s Luck tickets for the first 125 patrons, but for those looking just for a hat or t-shirt it's better to wait. Around 4 pm, the festival still had every single item in stock, so don't fret.

Talk to people

Although one might be obvious at music festivals, the Luck Reunion’s attendees were extremely friendly. Many had attended the festival multiple times, looking forward to it each year and going through the grueling process to get tickets. Everywhere you go, someone’s willing to have a conversation, so be friendly to everyone and have a great time.