Carrington continues to roast on social media

Sabrina Tran

Lots of attention has been on Texas football’s Bryan Carrington recently. Carrington joined the Texas football staff from Houston with head coach Tom Herman in November 2016, taking over the 10th assistant spot as recruiting coordinator. Earlier this month, he decided to stay loyal to Texas after being pursued by LSU, and was promoted to director of recruiting.

Carrington has had a big-time impact on the 2018 recruiting class by forging close relationships with the recruits and fostering team cohesion, as can be seen through many of his supportive retweets:

This past weekend, Carrington continued to show his loyalty to Texas by roasting Ohio State’s wide receivers coach Keenan Bailey and assistant quarterbacks coach Brian Hartline after their antagonizing responses to his wholesome tweet about Texas football.

Hartline acknowledged Carrington’s tweet sarcastically.

Bailey chimed in with snapshots of cream-of-the-crop prospects in 2017 that had committed to Ohio State. Immediately after, Bailey tweeted his belief that Ohio State’s football program outshines that of Texas. The vitriolic responses to Carrington’s feel-good tweet left him no choice but to leave no survivors.  

He first responded to Hartline’s sarcastic tweet with a quote regarding former Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett’s admiration for Herman, and then knocked Bailey out with a savage reminder of his failures as a coach.

Last but not least, Carrington put some extra salt in the wound with a reminder that he has receipts for the next time Bailey wants to throw shade at Texas.

Last weekend, we were all again reminded that Texas has a committed one in Carrington. For now, let’s see how he finishes up the 2019 recruiting class.