Eric Davis Jr. will go pro, weakening an already deteriorating guard corps

Gage Trexler

Texas junior guard Eric Davis Jr. announced Wednesday he will explore professional opportunities. It’s no secret this move is likely being made due to his involvement in the FBI probe that was made public in February.

“While I looked forward to putting the unfortunate events at the end of last season behind me and continuing to pursue my goal of helping the Longhorns win an NCAA Championship, I have deliberated with my family and have decided to get an early start on my professional career,” Davis said.

Davis was part of Yahoo Sports’ report for allegedly accepting $1,500 from ASM Sports associate Christian Dawkins. He was then withheld from competition for the last six games the Longhorns played.

Since Davis is not returning, he will avoid any further legal fees as well as the potential that his suspension would’ve extended into his senior year.

The junior from Saginaw, Michigan, was an essential part of the team off the bench as he averaged 8.8 points per game and was often times lethal from beyond the arc.

This news comes after freshman forward Mo Bamba and junior guard Kerwin Roach II recently announced their declarations for the NBA Draft, while sophomore center James Banks III has elected to transfer from Texas. Sophomore guard Jacob Young also plans to transfer, which means Davis’ departure makes for an even less experienced guard corps heading into next season.