Five of the freakiest podcasts you’ve probably never heard of

Collyn Burke

Anybody with a microphone and access to the internet can make a podcast, meaning that the platform is brimming with weird people discussing weird things on just about every single topic imaginable. In the world of weird podcasts, some hosts have managed to find a topic so strange it works — below are five of the freakiest, yet addictive podcasts you can listen to. 


My Favorite Murder 

175 episodes 

The title of this podcast pretty much explains it all — this is a podcast about murder, humor and the absurdity of life. Hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff started the podcast after discovering their shared love of true crime. The podcast follows the same basic format each episode: The ladies open the show with 20-40 minutes of random talking before delving into their pre-prepared, Wikipedia-induced rants on their murder of the day. Each episode is essentially just two women gabbing about a subject they know very little about, and that makes it both terrifying and humorous. “My Favorite Murder” is perfect for someone who doesn’t mind unscheduled discussions and a lack of structure in their listening experience. 


Guys We F**ked: The Anti-Slut Shaming Podcast 

200 episodes 

One bad break up later and the comedy podcast “Guys We F**ked” was born. It’s weird, it’s raunchy and it’s fresh. The podcast was started by New York based stand-up comedy duo Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson in late 2014 and has amassed a large following since. The podcast covers everything from interviewing men they’ve slept with to discussions about the good and bad sex they’ve had. The pair hold nothing back in their mission to empower women and open up the discussion about female sexuality. 



82 episodes

The non-fiction, horror story brain child of Aaron Mahnke, “Lore” is a critically acclaimed podcast that tells the origin stories of many of our modern myths. Mahnke’s masterful ability to tell a story will enthrall and terrify even the most level-headed of listeners. Ahead of each episode, Mahnke and an assistant spend up to two weeks meticulously researching every element of their story. There is something about the slow cadence of Mahnke’s voice and the eerie piano music that accompanies him that makes each story significantly creepier. “Lore” has also recently been adapted into an Amazon Video anthology for those who can’t get enough of Mahnke’s spooky stories. 


Last Podcast On The Left

308 episodes 

“Last Podcast On The Left” is the epitome of weird. Staring Ben Kissel, Markus Parks and  Henry Zebrowski, “Last Podcast On The Left” is an hour long discussion on murder, folklore, conspiracy theories and creepypastas (what can be defined, essentially as just the internet’s version of urban legends). The podcast is unreliable, odd, at some points annoying and completely entertaining. To add to the ridiculousness of the podcast, it also features special characters developed by the hosts, such as Detective Popcorn and Terry the Gnome. “Last Podcast On The Left” is perfect for the listener that wants to hear their wildest thoughts discussed at length. 


My Brother, My Brother and Me

399 episodes 

Just as the title entails, this is a podcast hosted by three brothers, Travis, Griffin and Justin McElroy, who are on a simple mission to answer some questions. Each week the brothers provide answers to questions either submitted by listeners or found on the dark side of the internet — Yahoo! Answers. Answers to the questions are always hilarious and rarely ever helpful. In 2016, the podcast was adapted into a television series through Seeso and later sold to Otter media. “My Brother, My Brother and Me” is a smartly executed odd concept that is perfect for a laugh.