Unofficial UT social media accounts you should be following right now

Jacqueline Briddell

The University of Texas at Austin is known to be one of the most respected universities not only in the state of Texas, but around the country. With its competitive roughly 40 percent acceptance rate, it's clear the university only admits the finest of the finest. Students take their GPAs and extracurriculars very seriously, but some people really just need an outlet to let loose.

Well, some presumably student-run social media accounts are here to both entertain and inform UT's audience. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites.


Bathrooms of UT

UT’s campus is made up of over 430 acres with over 200 listed buildings, but how many bathrooms are there on campus? Who knows, but there is an Instagram account dedicated to finding and highlighting the best of the best restrooms. Details of the restroom locations and qualities are included in the captions the page does accept submissions. Genius! What a great way to find your favorite dumping grounds on The Forty Acres.

ECJ, amazing tiling, top-notch sinks, great ambiance, 11/10

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UT Bathroom Critic

As if ‘Bathrooms of UT’ wasn’t already enough, someone also created an Instagram account rating bathrooms on campus. If you’re ever wondering which restrooms are the cleanest, smell nice or are usually empty so that you can relieve yourself in private, you can find the answer on this page. They also accept submissions.


Turtles of UT

Everyone knows the infamous turtles in the turtle pond are practically UT royalty. The Kardashians of Texas, if you will. They’re living their best lives in the water behind the UT Tower, and this Instagram account is documenting their lives and well-being. It has accrued more than 800 followers and avid likes on its photos of views of the pond with simple descriptions, but apparently, some followers have requested for the page to reveal more details about the turtles, including fun facts and short bios.


UT Tower bells

Speaking of The Tower, the Tower bells also have their own Twitter account. Enough said.


OverHERD at UT Austin

This by-request-only, exclusive Facebook group has over 9,000 members and posts hilarious, almost-too-hard-to-believe overheard conversations between people on and around campus. Whether it may conversations about shared frustration about Speedway cyclists, Q-dropping classes or someone unsuccessfully trying to impress their crush, there’s a relatable story for almost anyone.