30: Life&Arts editor trades free movies for a white coat

Charles Liu

I came to The Daily Texan to review movies. The gig was too good — I went to free screenings, saw the biggest blockbusters before almost everyone else and met some of my favorite celebrities (except Mark Hamill, sniff). But the thing I’ll miss most about the Texan is not the cool stuff I got to do — it’s the cool people who made me a better writer, a better teammate and a better person. 

One of my first editors, Kat, showed me that brevity and energy are king in journalism, and it was this philosophy that defined my approach to articles since my first semester at the Texan. 

Then came Danielle, Cat, and Katie, who turned the Life&Arts department into a dysfunctional but loving family. Thanks to you, we spent more time having fun together on the weekends than in the basement working. 

Brian, Sean, Elizabeth, Jamie, Marissa, Stephen, Thomas, Megan — I sometimes wish you were still at the Texan so we’d be back in the good old days.

Mae, Daisy, Morgan, Justin — thank you for putting up with my dad humor, and for preventing my writing from getting too pretentious. 

Andrea — you are a compassionate collaborator, and you brought positivity and life to our section.

Peter — you were a cruel but fair master to your underlings. You kept your finger on the Texan’s pulse, and you were a tremendous mentor and supporter. Respect.

As for you, Chris, I don’t think enough can be said. As far as The Daily Texan bromances go, I think we had the best by far. It’s been a pleasure surviving SXSW with you, jabbing each other’s fragile egos and regressing from adequate young adults to alarmingly obnoxious boys. 

I may be leaving this place behind for medical school, but the friends I’ve made and the experiences I’ve had throughout my seven semesters at the Texan will certainly stay with me. They will continue to remind me about the goodness in people that makes them worth protecting, nurturing and healing.