Copy editor turns in red pen for another red pen

Taylor Presley

Never having been a sentimental person, I always judged the people that cried at the end of each school year. But as I passed the Tower on my way to the Texan office to write this goodbye, I felt an unfamiliar catch in my throat. Because it’s now that I realize this is the last time I’ll be walking past the Tower until I graduate.

It wasn’t until my junior year that I began working at The Daily Texan. I may not have spent much of my free time in the office like so many others who write these columns, but working at the Texan has given me many things, and I’m proud to have been a part of it. In my time here, I’ve figured out what career path I want to take, I’ve learned so much about journalism and its place in today’s world, and I’ve met some of the most amazing and talented people.

To all the managing editors I’ve had the pleasure of working under — Michelle, Natalia, Matt, Ellie, Ty and Forrest — thank you all for your incredible leadership. To Peter, thank you for being such a wonderful, patient adviser to all us crazy kids. I will not miss your camera.

To my copy family, Bella, Kirsten and Ryan. Thank you for all the laughs and all the shit-talking. I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with this year.

Bella, maybe it’s the California in you, but you’re the perfect mix of wise, chill and goofy. Thank you for being such a great copy chief.

Kirsten, I’ll miss my Grey’s buddy! I’ve seen you work your ass off this year, and you still find the time to be such a helpful, selfless human being. Thank you.

Ryan, copy’s own meme king. Thank you for being the only person to decorate the copy desk, and for being our go-to grammar person. You’re Plan II right?

To everyone else at the Texan, whether I’ve met you or not, thank you for the inspiration. It’s been an honor to work among so many skilled writers, designers, photographers and editors. Good luck to everyone leaving, graduating and moving on to bigger and better things.