Sports writer says goodbye to the paper that gave him someone to love

Shane Lewis

I like very few things in this world. I like a nice glass of Scotch, a Crunchwrap Supreme and the Green Bay Packers, preferably all in one sitting. I also like to brood. 

Fittingly, my year working at the Texan was spent brooding behind the sport’s desk. As a dumb 20 year old, I transferred from Cornell to the University of Texas for a girl I thought I was in love with. When that (unsurprisingly) didn’t work out, I felt stuck at a school that I never wanted to be at. 

I don’t particularly like journalism, but if Texas Student Media wanted to pay me 50 bucks to sit behind a sports desk and do nothing for six hours, I was happy to oblige. I also got free food and a press pass which was nice.

But while I was brooding at the Texan, something interesting happened. I became aware that I was surrounded by journalists who were extremely passionate and skilled at what they do. Being in an environment like that is extremely inspiring. I’m confident that I’ll be seeing the work of my fellow Texaners in all kinds of media outlets one day. 

But like many stories, mine comes down to a girl. At one of The Daily Texan’s infamous parties (shout out to the OG Cano Briseno), I met a girl who was the loveliest thing I had ever seen on the 40 Acres. A girl who put up with my dumb shenanigans and constant stream of Green Bay Packers references. The same girl, in fact, who helped design the paper that these words are being printed on. A girl who made me not want to brood.

So I don’t really like journalism, and I don’t really like passive aggressive critiques, and I definitely don’t like the Fast and the Furious (shout out to Akshay ‘Kobe’ Mirchandani). But The Daily Texan, you gave me someone to love, and for that, I like you quite a bit.